Can RISP work with my day care provider?

Since a child in day care typically responds best to familiar people in any setting, it would be most helpful for a day care provider to be actively involved in the RISP visits. This way, RISP staff and the child's care provider can work together to address the family's concerns, as well as any issues that have been noted in the day care setting. RISP visits are also a good time to try out different suggestions and to find out what works best for the child.

Creating a Routine in Daycare

Childcare is busy enough, so RISP staff members do not want to add to it by asking providers to create "therapy" time each day. Instead, RISP staff will show how to adapt some of the existing routines and activities using materials that are already in the day care setting to help encourage child development. Before beginning services in the day care setting, RISP staff will ask to meet with the care provider to make sure that our services will be helpful and feasible.

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