Who would benefit from RISP services?

We help children from birth to three years old, including those born prematurely or with a medical problem that may cause developmental delays. All children will grow and learn - some quickly, some more slowly. Their families are central to fostering their development. We also help children who have a disability or who are having problems learning to:

  • Eat
  • Get along with others
  • Play
  • Talk
  • Walk

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1. What are RISP early intervention services?
2. How can early services help your child's development?
3. Who would benefit from RISP services?
4. How will RISP staff work with your family?
5. Can RISP work with my day care provider?
6. Who can refer a child to this program?
7. Where are RISP services located?
8. Who pays for the program?
9. What do parents and families have to say about RISP services?