How do I access these services?

Discuss the need for a Mentor with your therapist. They will submit the referral and pursue funding through Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT). Agencies who are referring for the service should contact Rachel Teagle, Youth Family Services (YFS)/Intensive In-home Coordinator 804-776-7501 ext. 104), to obtain the referral form and schedule the SFM request for funding through FAPT.

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For more information contact Scott Britton, Mental Health Care Coordinator, at 804-758-4035.

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1. How Does Strategic Family Mentoring Work?
2. How do mentors and therapists work together in providing treatment to my child?
3. Who is eligible to receive SFM?
4. What services are offered as part of SFM?
5. Who pays for SFM services?
6. How do I access these services?