Stress Busters

Below are short (under 20 minute) video resources on stress relieving activities/ exercises.  

3/15/2021 Activity 1 Direct-Self Compassion Link:  Dr. Kristen Neff- Self Compassion- Guided Meditations


3/22/2021 Activity 2 Direct- Drawing Meditation Link:

10 Minute Mindfulness Drawing Meditation- Art Mindfully (Aug 10,2017), Katherine Supplies- plain paper and multi-color drawing materials (colored pencils or pens).


3/29/2021 Liz Hirner Progressive Muscle Relaxation- Recording


4/5/2021 Sara Hallberg (Part 1)– Tapping intervention- Emotional Freedom Technique- Nick Ortner

4/12/21 Emily Eanes- Guided Pebble Meditation- helps with anxiety and to increase focus when worry thoughts are overwhelming


4/19/21 Sara Hallberg (Part 2)- Tapping intervention- Emotional Freedom Technique- Nick Ortner 


Brene Brown on Blame- learn about the problems with the process of blame and laugh a little


Brene Brown on Empathy- learn about the process of empathy and the benefits of being vulerable

5/24/21 - Kendra Parsons, Healthy Families, facilitating a You Tube video of Qigong practice for deep breathing and stretching, led by Don Fiore