Competitive Employment Services

One of the sustaining components of a successful recovery is gainful employment. Steady employment offers individuals in recovery the opportunity to continue to make progress toward realization of goals, improvement of familial and social relationships, rebuilding financial stability, and restoration of self-confidence, among many other benefits. Effective recovery, then, almost always involves an individual having gainful employment, finding and keeping a job, and making a contribution to society through his or her efforts.

PRS Employment Program

Peer Recovery Services has developed a thriving, successful employment program with individuals in behavioral health recovery, employing over 60 people in both supportive and competitive positions within the agency. MPNNCSB PRS has extended this existing model to include a Community Employment Program as it recognizes the reality that over one in four U.S. adults has a criminal record and stable employment helps ex-offenders stay out of the legal system.

Specialist Roles

The Competitive Employment Program includes employment specialist who:

  • Works with community-based employers to reduce fear and stigma associated with hiring someone who is in recovery from addiction or co-occurring illnesses
  • Provides services to anyone who self-identifies as being a person interested in sustaining employment as a significant part of their recovery program
  • Oversees a Driver’s License Restoration program