Community Stabilization Services

Community Stabilization services provide the child or adolescent, together with the family, the coping skills to manage the crisis using a less restrictive alternative to psychiatric hospitalization and can also serve as a "step-down" program for children and adolescents upon discharge from a psychiatric hospital.

Crisis stabilization services are for youth who:

  • Are experiencing an acute psychiatric crisis which puts them at risk of hospitalization due to threat of harm to themselves or to others.  

Specific Services:

  • Collaboration among Emergency Services staff, case manager, therapist, and psychiatrist, with emergency appointments scheduled as needed
  • Identification and use of natural supports in the community
  • Intense services for a up to 4 hours a day

Referrals & Funding

The following may provide referrals for crisis stabilization:

  • Emergency Services Staff
  • Outpatient Therapists
  • Parents
  • Psychiatric hospitals discharging clients back to the community
  • Psychiatrists
  • Schools

Most Medicaid plans cover crisis stabilization. Private payment may also be arranged on an individual basis, including use of a sliding fee scale.