Client Rights

Individuals who use the services of the Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Community Services Board (MPNNCSB) have certain rights that are described in the Rules and Regulations to Assure the Rights of Individuals Receiving Services from Providers Licensed, Funded, or Operated by the Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services (hereafter called Community Regulations). If you have questions about your rights, you may call the MPNNCSB Quality Assurance Office at 804-758-5314.

The following will provide a summary of your rights:

  1. Right to Notification
  2. Right to Treatment
  3. Right to Confidentiality
  4. Right to Consent
  5. Right to Dignity
  6. Right to Least Restrictive
  7. Right to Be Compensated
  8. Right to Retain Certain Rights
  9. Right to Hearings & Appeals
  10. Right to Regional Advocate

MPNNCSB staff must inform you of your rights every 12 months while you are in the program. You may request and obtain a copy of these rights, described in the Community Regulations and the program’s rules of conduct.