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COPE Crisis Hotline: 1-800-542-2673

Prevention Services
Building Bridges...Strengthening Families...Connecting Communities

To actively promote the development of healthy and resilient individuals, families, and communities by:
  • Empowering them to prevent alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, child neglect and abuse, school failure, teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency, teen suicide, and violence

  • Fostering cohesiveness through programs that teach clear and consistent standards of behavior

  • Building skills to develop and identify resources

  • Offering support in managing stress, conflict, and crisis

  • Implementing prevention-focused coalitions and programs

  • Evaluating all services and programs

Coalition Outreach mobilizes individuals to become involved in making their communities and neighborhoods healthier, safer, and more positive places to live and work.
Family Education programs teach the skills necessary to be the best parent possible.
School-Based Prevention programs teach a wide-range of social skills that promote positive youth development.
Suicide Prevention programs increase awareness about the signs of suicide and what to do if these signs exist.

Point of Contact
Cheryl Matteo-Kerney, M.Ed., C.P.P.
Director, Prevention Services
PO Box 452
3786 George Washington Memorial Highway
Hayes, VA 23072
888-773-8550 (PREV-550)
Fax: 804-642-8765

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